Emergency Funding Appeal: Help us continue the impactful delivery of medical aid in Moria refugee camp, Lesvos, Greece.

More than 1,000,000 refugees have passed through Greece since 2015.
80% of them passed from the small island of Lesvos. 

Now Lesvos remains the home to more than 10,000 refugees, while more keep arriving every day. The biggest refugee camp of the island is “Moria” hosting at the moment 7,500+ refugees - more than ever before.

At the end of May 2017, the refugee residents of Moria were left without a dedicated medical actor on site and in urgent need of medical support.

This is why on June 26th we launched our medical intervention in Moria, the First Receptiona and Identificationand site of Lesvos and the biggest refugee camp in Greece, which is at the moment hosting more than 7,500 refugees and migrants seeking asylum in Europe. 

Aside ofthe routine and urgent healthcare needed on site, there are many incidents relating to the poor living conditions and overall uncertainty of the future of this displaced population, who often seek comfort in self-harming, drinking and other practices which require immediate medical attention.

ERCI is not funded by the EU or the Greek Government and is relying on private donations from considerate individuals, like you, to sustain its life-saving work. 

 To sustain our core medical team and a total of 15 medical volunteers including: doctors, nurses, translators in Arabic, French and Farsi and crowd controlers we aim to gather 15,000 EUR (17,495 USD) in order to sustain our medical intervention for the next month.

This amount includes:
-medicines for 1,000+ people
-medical equipment
-medical staff
-stationary for the clinic
-housing for the volunteer medical team
-transportation and fuel for the medical team from/to Moria camp

What is ERCI:

Emergency Response Centre International (ERCI) is a Greek nonprofit organization that provides emergency response and humanitarian aid in times of crisis. ERCI's philosophy is to identify the gaps of humanitarian aid and step in to assist in the most efficient and impactful manner. Currently ERCI has 4 active programs working with refugees in Greece in the sectors of Medical Aid, Search and Rescue, Refugee Education and Refugee Camp Coordination.

ERCI is well-known for its Search and Rescue (SAR) and Frontline Response operation on Lesvos island, Greece, that remains active to date since December 2015 and has assisted more than 47,000 refugees making the perilous sea journey from Turkey to Greece reach safety.



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